About Our Farm Family

Howdy Friends!

I'm Keiko, the alpaca shepherdess at Wisteria Suri Ranch. I just love animals and ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to live on a little farm and hang out with animals every day. It gives me so much peace and happiness to be with such magical beings.

Life on the farm isn't always easy, but I learn and grow from all the challenges presented and constantly try to evolve and be as a good of a human as I can be!

We started our farm in 2008 and our little kiddo loved being a big part of our adventure. It's amazing how quickly kids grow up!!! My husband used to be a city boy but he's really loving the country life after all these years. He's working on becoming a beekeeper which is an exciting new adventure for both of us.

There isn't a dull moment on the farm but we absolutely love the uneventful quiet days when everything stays routine.

We've pivoted from breeding alpacas to raising them for their luxurious fleeces. We realized we're kind of getting older!!! Lol, and we want to make sure our alpacas are loved and we can care for them for their lifespan since they really are family.

Our focus will be on creating products with their fleeces as well as creating needle felting tutorials. I'd like to create more educational material around raising alpacas and working with their fiber- but we will see how that all unfolds!

Farm Team

Amazing Livestock Guardian Dogs

Highly intelligent livestock guardian dogs are essential to our farm family.

Milano, Public Relation's Specialist

Milano represents our wonderful herd of Suri alpacas with all his charm.

Professional Barn Patrol

We love barn cats! Many are strays that chose to stay on our farm. They keep snakes away so they are appreciated!

Farm Manager

This little guy thinks he's super tough and loves to tell everyone what to do!

Mom's Head Body Guard

He makes sure mom is always taken care of!

Awesome Hubby, Beekeeper

Team work :) Thanks, hubby! I appreciate you!