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5 Pro Tips to

Gain Trust

If it's important for you to have the best relationship with alpacas, then make sure to read these tips!

Raising Alpacas

in Texas

This ebook covers a brief overview of what is involved in raising alpacas as well as all the products that can be created from alpaca fleece. It's 40 pages of very valuable information for anyone considering getting alpacas.

10 Ways to Monetize Suri Alpaca Fiber

Learn 10 ways you can make money with your Suri alpaca fiber with this short ebook.

Raising Alpacas with Love and Respect

We have been raising Suri alpacas since 2008 and have learned so much about them. We hand shear them yearly without restraint. We love spending time with them and working with their gorgeous fleece. We create video tutorials and fiber products to share our joy.